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Giving Voice is a profound approach to song that was developed by Jill Rakusen when isolated through illness. While it can be explored in a group facilitated by an accredited Giving Voice teacher, perhaps its most exciting aspect is what can happen when we explore how to ‘unlock’ the power of a song on our own. And it’s particularly useful when challenged – as the whole world has been since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s about building our relationship with a song, so that it becomes our companion, our support, and above all our teacher. And although it’s done on our own, the practice (called the Giving Voice Process) leads us towards a profound sense of interconnectedness.

Giving Voice has always been offered remotely, so we at the Foundation have a lot of experience doing this. We very much hope it can be of use to you at this time – whether stuck at home for example, or looking after people in high-risk situations … on top of all the other issues that you might be facing.

We’ve created material especially for now: this includes recordings of a number of songs which have been found to be particularly helpful when times are hard, together with guidance about how to begin to unlock their power. All this material, including extracts from our forthcoming book Unlocking the Power of Song: a Companion for Challenging Times, will be mainly be released via Facebook.

If you explore any of this material,  do contact us to let us know how you get on, or if you would like some input. And do consider sharing any valuable experiences that this extraordinary process may lead to: over the years, many people have benefitted from such sharing.



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